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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes It is, I include all my travel in the quote I give you at the time of enquiry. I assure you there will be no hidden fees, as I work at a fixed price.
    Yes I do have backup equipment, that is of a professional standard. I generally shoot with two cameras at the wedding and record all the images to 2 cards in each camera. I assure you that I do everything I can to decrease the chance of any technical failure.
    If your are needing to postpone your wedding I am able to transfer your deposit and contract to your new date, without any fee’s, as long as I am available. However, if your wedding was to be cancelled, the initial deposit is non-refundable, once your date is officially booked in I have to turn away any potential clients that enquire about your date.
    If this were to happen I have a network within the wedding industry, so I can call upon other photographers in case of an emergency. I will be able to call upon another whom has a similar style/ vibe and professional ethics as me. I am also included in lots of online communities that are created for this purpose. In saying this it would be under very extreme circumstances if I were to cancel and I would put every effort into making sure your wedding is covered.
    For a full day wedding we start really early in the morning and finish late at night, we require about an hour break in the day which we usually take at the same time as you sit down, I don’t like to keep photographing whilst you and your guests are eating so its the perfect time for us to have a moment to get ready for the next part of your wedding. In this hour we are also backing up images and recharging batteries etc. I will only take a break if I generally need to, I guareentee you that I will be able to capture everything you are after, even though I am to take breaks.

    I am happy to organise everyone together for group formals and I do encourage that you have a mix of both traditional and natural. I usually take a variety of each group, some more formal and some more relaxed. The main approach I take is natural and documentorary rather than posed because I prefer to capture moments as they happen without influencing them, you will mainly get this style in your full gallery.

    I don’t give out RAW files. I believe in providing my couples with a finished product, RAW files have no life and are flat, plus you can not open them up without professional software. I am often shooting with the end (post-produced) product in mind. The finished gallery you will receive will include all the best images from your day.

    Yes, they certanly are. Just like every couple is different so is your wedding day, I respect that some people prefer different outcomes and have a different timeline of events.
    Oh yes please! The more information I know about your day and who you are as a couple the more I can create images that really reflect your love story. Prior to the wedding I will send out a questionnaire. I love when my couples give me as much detail as possible about their vision, the formal group photos you wish to have and other things such as key moments in the day I need to be aware of.
    Of course if its something you would like your guests to be able to do, its your wedding day! I do however encourage you ask them not to take photographs during the ceremony, often really great photos can’t be used because a phone is sticking out in the middle of the aisle or we miss an important moment because of someone in the way. I usually take my couples away for some separate portraits for about 20 minutes, its also best to have no guests around at this time so I can focus on creating images for you and you feel more comfortable with less people around. Other than these moments, I love seeing your guests get excited about your day and wanting to document your love for themselves.
    My contracts are online based, both downloadable and printable. I will send you my contract as soon as you decide to book for you to read over. Once this is e-signed by both of us, I will send an invoice for the deposit which will officially secure your date with me. If you would like to review the contract before you decide to book, just get in touch.

    Yes of course, I love connecting with other vendors and I am happy to work alongside them for the day. If you are looking to book a videographer and need some recommendations, just ask! I know a few incredible videographers that work in all countries.

    I want your experience with me to feel comfortable and easy going, and I want to understand what’s important to you. I really care about each couple I work with. I get a lot of joy knowing the photographs I create will enable you to feel the emotions you had on such a special day of your life all over again.